Dr. Steve Pungello

Health Sciences in Chicago, IL. He specializes in McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy, Functional Range Release, Motion Palpation, & various soft-tissue treatment techniques. He received his bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from SUNY Cortland, where he also competed as a long distance runner on the Cross Country & Track teams.

Dr. Steven specializes in treating distance runners and gait analysis for injury prevention. He has previously been a running coach, and also writes training programs for racers competing in the 5k and longer.

Dr. Steven has extensive experience working with patients in chronic pain who might be at risk for invasive medical procedures. He welcomes the opportunity to work with difficult chronic cases, ensuring each patient is getting the care that they truly need. Dr. Steven is happy to review MRI findings and surgical consultations with his patients, educating them on all of their options.

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