Liron Nosrat

Since an early age, I was passionate about movement.

When I was about 8 years old, instead of going to ballet lessons, I was enrolled in a movement/dance class. The teacher was an ex-ballerina from Russia who had decided that she wants to enable her students to be in control of their bodies, instead of having the dance moves and dance world control them. She was intent on encouraging us to come to understand how the steps, how the motions, impacted on us physically and emotionally, and she wanted us to gain that self-awareness.

From then on, I never stopped learning and realizing the impact movement has on us and never stopped understanding how central the connection is between motion, self-awareness, physical and emotional health. I have always had a love for dance and hiking and being active and this eventually developed into a respect for fitness and wellness and the relationship between them.

More About Liron

I am a physical therapist and Pilates instructor originally from Israel. Throughout my life, including my service in the IDF where I served as a fitness instructor, I always knew I wanted to work to integrate these words: fitness, movement and wellness. I love working directly with people, treating them in a whole body, holistic way in order to encourage their well being and help with promoting their physical and mental goals. I get great satisfaction in helping others to work with and overcome their physical issues; fulfillment in helping them grow stronger.

During my academic studies in physical therapy, I became invested professionally in the world of rehabilitation and specialized in this field; In addition, I became actually aware about the strengths of the Pilates method as another beneficial way of treatment using the power of specific movement to move towards wellness. I believe that Pilates promotes a deep and holistic understanding of the body, and that from it most people can benefit. The integration between the two disciplines is naturally very successful.

I have always loved working in a variety of settings and very much look forward to meeting a diversity of people, In a range of ages, body types etc. The healing power of the body fascinates and intrigues me and I am anxious to share my knowledge in finding that power in each of you.

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